Start Ups

Zale Patent Law is flexible to meet the constraints that confront start-up companies. The firm makes special adjustments for start-ups, such as:

  • prioritizing to focus upon the most critical work first

  • allowing some costs to be paid after funding is received

  • adjusting the plan as the products/services of the client evolve

Startup Legal
IP Rights

IP Rights

Typically, the most valuable asset of a small business is their 'idea'.   The firm:


  • protects the most urgent rights first

  • protects early-stage company's 'idea'

  • protects corp. name/logos/domain name/trade dress

  • protects pictures/drawings/images/sketches

  • protects code/routines/libraries/source code

  • puts the start-ups in the best position while minimizing legal costs


The firm partners with private organizations and economic development entities to provide business support throughout the process.  There is seamless support on all problems encountered by early-stage companies. These include:


  • incorporation

  • partnering agreements

  • design

  • prototyping

  • marketing

  • advertising


The firm partners with private organizations and econimic development entities to assist early-stage companies with aspects of funding including:


  • represent the company in funding meetings

  • providing information of funding sources pursued by previous companies,

  • notifications of public funds available to early-stage companies,

  • assisting the early-stage company with the crowdfunding process,