Intellectual Property

US and International Patents

U.S. and International Patents

  • The firm works extensively with the Inventors to 'expand' their invention to get the greatest possible coverage.

  • The firm has filed and prosecuted to issuance a full range of US and PCT applications, along with directing the filing and prosecution in many foreign countries.

  • The firm also files Provisional Patent Applications based upon the needs of the client.

Corporate Identity and Trademark Services
  • The firm provides assistance and advice on choosing an overall corporate identity which includes trademark /service mark protection strategy.
  • The firm files and prosecutes US trademark applications to allowance.  The firm also directs filing and prosecution of trademark applications in foreign countries. 

  • The firm works with the client to provide advice regarding various copyright matters such as rights of the client, potential liabilities, and recommends courses of action to maximize benefits.

Trade Secrets
  • The firm analyzes the client's workspace and provides assistance and advice on which information is considered confidential and valuable and setting up a process to limit access to the information to allow it to be protected under state law.

Trade Secrets